Charging stations

Do you need to recharge your hybrid or electric car?

With our charging stations you can conveniently recharge your car in a smart and sustainable way. Our consultants identify the best location to conveniently take advantage of this solution.

This product allows our clients to recharge their vehicle quickly and at the same time save on fuel, ideally using the energy produced by the photovoltaic system.

Presence on the territory

MBBF is directly mandated by one of the biggest electricity and gas suppliers.

In the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, specifically in Udine where there are two offices, one of which is open to the public, the agency has more than 10,000 domestic and business clients.

There are two offices, one of which is open to the public.

Being a partner of one of the largest players in Italy (among the top 10 out of more than 500 competitors), MBBF boasts highly competitive prices and a wide product range,

offering clients customised solutions.

MBBF, on its side, offers its experience and knowledge of the area.

We offer our expertise, knowledge of the territory, and qualified personnel with a long track record in the sector.

The added value is the personal relationship that is created between agent and client.


How quickly can the charging station recharge my vehicle?
The charging station can fully recharge a vehicle equipped with a 25-kW battery in about 3 hours.
How do I check the activity of my charging station?
A dedicated application tracks the main functions of the product, i.e. recharging, remote release of the recharging cable, error control and activity monitoring.

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