Electricity and gas

As an agency, MBBF offers a wide selection of services aimed at assisting clients in choosing among available supply offers and managing their electricity and gas utilities.

In particular, we deal with new grid connections, meter installation, supplier change, contract transfers and take-overs, advice on domestic bills and dedicated supply offers.

Our strength is a help-desk open to the public that ensures an efficient after-sales service, allowing clients to be assisted on any information or issues.

Presence on the territory

MBBF is directly mandated by one of the biggest electricity and gas suppliers.

In the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, specifically in Udine where there are two offices, one of which is open to the public, the agency has more than 10,000 domestic and business clients.

There are two offices, one of which is open to the public.

Being a partner of one of the largest players in Italy (among the top 10 out of more than 500 competitors), MBBF boasts highly competitive prices and a wide product range,

offering clients customised solutions.

MBBF, on its side, offers its experience and knowledge of the area.

We offer our expertise, knowledge of the territory, and qualified personnel with a long track record in the sector.

The added value is the personal relationship that is created between agent and client.


What is the difference between a fixed price offer and a variable price offer?
A fixed-price contract provides an unconstrained, carefully worked-out, 12-month lock-in contract.
The variable-price contract proposes the cost of the raw material at market price. In this case, this amount varies monthly according to the market trend (PUN – National Single Price).
What is a contract transfer and what documents are required?
The transfer process is carried out when it is necessary to change the holder of an existing utility.
Identity card and Tax Code, telephone and email contacts of the new holder, and a copy of the bill or references of the previous holder of the supply are required.
Processing time: the contract is in the new holder’s name within five business days.
What is meant by meter installation and first activation? What documents are needed?
This regards a new gas and electricity connection when there is no meter and there is a need to connect a utility to the grid. In this case, in addition to personal documents and telephone/email contacts, you need the correct supply address and if present, the POD (electricity) or PDR – point of redelivery (natural gas) codes. Should the request be for new a gas meter installation, the H/I forms, and forms drawn up by the plumber who carried out the work on the system are also mandatory.
Processing time for meter installation: Initially, an estimate is sent to the customer requiring up to a maximum of 30 working days; if this is accepted, the work is carried out with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 60 working days. Once this operation is completed, the first electricity and/or gas activation takes place.
Processing time for first activation: 5 working days from request to the Local Distributor.
What documents are required to change a supplier, and within what timeframe is the changeover made?
Required documents are the holder’s identity document, telephone number, supply address, and the last bill from the previous supplier. The time required for this procedure is about two months, during which the local distributor communicates the necessary information to the new supplier.
Take-over: definition and required documents
Take-over means the reactivation of a terminated utility.
The information required is a copy of the holder’s identity card, Tax Code, telephone number, supply address and last bill or technical data of the meter (POD/PDR-Redelivery Point).
In this case, electricity activation takes about 5 working days, and gas up to a maximum of 10 working days.
Why is it convenient to self-read gas meters and how can it be done?
Communicating the gas meter self-reading on a monthly basis allows the user to pay only actual consumption, avoiding estimates. Self-readings may be communicated to the helpdesk in person, by calling, or by replying to messages we send periodically.
Is a platform made available to the customer?
Yes, the application is available to monitor utilities, bills and requests at any time.

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