Forgings and castings

For forgings and castings, MBBF provides all-round solutions with the ability to follow major orders even in terms of dimensions. Production capacity is supported by services such as:
– Deburring, welding and finishing of castings
– Hard and noble material overlays
– Seat and obturator overlays
– Heat treatments
– Shotblasting and sandblasting
– Non-destructive testing
– Varnish
– Pickling and passivation of castings.

MBBF in the World

Having secured business relationships with various manufacturers in the heavy industry sector

MBBF ensures direct connection between customers and suppliers so as to maintain strong price competitiveness.

It also provides support in logistics and transport services, working out the best solution for its customers (e.g. proposing DDP, EXW, FOB, DAP returns).

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