Plate exchangers

To correctly size this type of exchanger, starting from the technical details, MBBF analyses the main deployment variables such as:
– Inlet temperature
– Outlet temperature
– Type of refrigerant in use
– Connection types
– Connection dimensions

MBBF guarantees the interchangeability of the exchangers with all commercially available sizes in order to facilitate kick-off of the sampling phase. It also has all the certifications to operate on both the European and American markets.

MBBF in the World

Having secured business relationships with various manufacturers in the heavy industry sector,

MBBF ensures direct connection between customers and suppliers so as to maintain strong price competitiveness.

It also provides support in logistics and transport services, working out the best solution for its customers (e.g. proposing DDP, EXW, FOB, DAP returns).


What is the production lead time for the supply of plate heat exchangers?
Our production lead time is currently 4 weeks from receipt of order, of course the timing also varies depending on the size of the order.
What kind of transportation is available to clients?
In order to be able to meet the delivery needs required by customers, MBBF is able to ship the cargo by ship (for the most important cargoes in terms of volume), if necessary, however, it is also possible to receive the material by air.

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